Poroso screens

If there is a very high absorbing factor required, in so called non-breathing rooms, in noisy machines and appliances casings, there is a possibility to increase the PORFLES screens absorbency by using the underlying screens made of POROSO fiber 1600 or 2200.

POROSO screens facilitate increasing the silencing effect and creating effective barrier for the noise coming from outside as well as from inside to outside. The additional advantage to combine the screens together is obtaining the thermal insulation in soundproof rooms. 

The more POROSO screens assembled onto the walls and ceilings the more effective sounds absorbency is received. The following graphs and tables show the absorptive properties of PORFLES and POROSO screens for all types of assembling. This factor is high and equates 1.00.

Physicochemical properties of POROSO screens: they are made of a mixture of the cotton, woolen and polyester fibers with thermo-setting resin at the weights of 1600 and 2200. 

Weight and dimensions:

  • weight 1600, dimensions: 100 x 100 x 2,5 cm
  • weight 2200, dimensions: 100 x 100 x 3,5 cm

See the factors absorbing the sound.
Fire resistance - fireproof material.

PORFLES and POROSO assembling can be made in following options:

  • assembling PORFLES screens onto the walls and ceilings
  • assembling PORFLES and POROSO screens onto the walls and ceilings
  • floppy ceilings (suspended ceilings)
  • stationary and floppy soundproof screens 
  • soundproof cabins
  • machinery and appliance soundproofing
  • silencing the partition walls, ceilings and roofing constructions using the POROSO screens.

Screens selection:

  • POROSO_1600
  • POROSO_2200