Porfles screens

Sound absorption by different absorptive micro-elements is very important and crucial for the interiors acoustics. It allows a certain time of the room’s sound re-vibration, eliminates an unwanted echo and improves on the bad noise in the loud rooms or halls by reducing the sounds migration through the special absorbers and silencers. This is based on absorbing the sounds falling on the absorber’s surface. Subsequently the energy turns into warmth. The absorber which is mounted into the walls, onto the roof or assembled onto the soundproof screens reduces the intensity of bouncing sound waves decreasing the level of noise and changing acoustic properties of the affected room.
Soundproof PORFLES screens belong to a group of spatial absorbents. They absorb more effectively than the absorbents with a flat surface. Carefully selected shape, material and design technology make a ratio of absorption capacity to the weight of PORFLES screens more advantageous than for the flat boards. Reduction of noise level in the accommodation halls can be obtained by mounting PORFLES panels on the surfaces that intensively reflect the sound, especially on a ceiling and interior walls of an accommodation.
The absorptive properties of PORFLES screens, especially in a range of low and medium sound frequencies, depend on a distance from the reflective surfaces that gives a possibility of an optimal rate’s selection of absorption in the range of sound frequency. 
The usage is very profitable when the surface of a ceiling and the walls is smooth. Absorptive properties of the surface on which the sound falls are determined by the rate of absorption; for the flat surfaces which poorly absorb the sound the rate does not exceed 0.2, for the surfaces that strongly absorb the sound the rate is close to unity. The rate of absorption depends on the frequency of the sounds, the average rate of absorption for PORFLES screens is high and equates 0.8. Tables and charts below present the absorptive properties of PORFLES  panels in octave bands.

Physicochemical properties of PORFLES:
PORFLES board is made from a mixture of woven cotton, wool and polyester fibres with a thermosetting resin. Fibre’s density equates about 100 kg/m3.

Decorative cover:
PORFLES board can be delivered in the following versions:

  • without decorative cover, green material;
  • covered with a light grey decorative fibre;
  • selected colour when ordering over 400 m2

See the rates of sound absorption.

Plain PORFLES screens in green and covered with light gray fabric TNT.

Fire resistance – fireproof material.


Screens selection:

  • plain green screens – non fireproof
  • plain green screens – fireproof
  • screens covered with a decorative fabric in light gray – non fireproof
  • screens covered with a decorative fabric in light gray – fireproof
  • screens covered with a decorative fabric in selected color (light graphite or black) - fireproof or non fireproof.