Bituminous masses

Bituminous masses are widely used in places affected by high vibrations and acoustic resonance emitted by all sorts of appliances and mechanical factors. Created energy is carried through the floors, walls and building constructions throughout the room and the remaining stores especially in medium and low bandwidths. Peculiar bituminous masses properties which are neutrality, flexibility and ability to absorb sounds, after placing them directly onto the machines casings, appliances, floors, ceilings and walls, supply a very effective barrier to pass acoustic vibrations. They are therefore an excellent vi-bro insulators which effectively eliminates noise and a chance for the acoustic resonance to appear.


Bituminous masses are available in two options:

- mass IFF/AA/AL with aluminum foil, dimensions – 1200 x 800 x 4 mm – soundproof

  material suppressing vibrations, self-adhesive, strengthened by aluminum foil, resistant to oil;

- mass Septym N + Aluminum foil + Poroso – dimensions – 1200 x 800 x 13 mm - insulating material absorbing the sound includes Poroso, it is oil resistant

  and completed with aluminum foil.


Bituminous masses are designed to: silencing machines casings, appliances and cars bodywork.